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Today, the amphora is undeniably considered a prestigious tool in the world of wine, praised by its users and promoters alike for its remarkable role in the creation and ageing of wines.

Terracotta is said to preserve and fully reveal the character of the wine, bringing out the subtle nuances of the original terroir. This is where our partnership with Massimo Carbone comes into its own: designing amphorae that respect the specific characteristics of Impruneta clay, renowned for its quality and authenticity.

Massimo amphoras are designed to accommodate a wide variety of grape varieties. Their wide opening also facilitates complete vinification and grape maceration.

To meet the growing needs of our winemakers wishing to explore new horizons in maturing larger volumes, we now offer capacities ranging from 100 liters to 1500 liters.

The connection between Vit’Vinif and Fornace Carbone transcends the professional sphere to give birth to a solid friendship imbued with deep human values. These solid values characterize Massimo and his partner Francesca, as well as the rest of the members of Fornace Carbone and Vit’Vinif, and they play an essential role in the success of this unique production. Amphoras are created with passion and love, resulting in inimitable professional and artistic results.


Scientific article

MDPI Foods :
Management of wine production with the “Trebbiano Toscano” grape variety in amphora: Selection of indigenous Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains and their influence on the phenolic and sensory profile of the wine.

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