Our experience

At Vit'Vinif, we stand out as specialists in the supply of quality equipment for the production of beer, wine and other beverages.

Our experience and in-depth expertise have enabled us to position ourselves as one of the leading suppliers to the French market in these sectors.

One of our distinguishing features is the unrivalled value for money of our equipment.

As specialists in stainless steel tanks of various volumes, we always guarantee outstanding quality with European stainless steel manufacturing and production within the European Union.

Yes, because while it’s easier for many agents in the sector to relocate their production to Asian countries to increase their profits, at VIT’VINIF Équipements Industriels we firmly believe that it’s necessary to continue producing in our Europe, a Europe that should be perceived as a local market in a context of increasing globalization, where we often have a short-term vision of the future.

Another source of our power lies in the technical precision of our equipment.

Each product is meticulously designed, from the traditional methods of making terracotta amphorae to the latest technologies available for working the stainless steel of our fermenters and tanks. What’s more, thanks to close collaboration with our suppliers, we also offer temperature control systems, ensuring precision in the beverage manufacturing process, whether for wine, beer, kombucha and many others.

Our experience is not limited to equipment manufacturing.

We are proud to have a team of seasoned brewing experts who offer personalized advice to our customers. From the selection of raw materials to recipe design and process optimization, we support our customers every step of the way in achieving excellence in the production of their products.

Innovation is a key element of our approach.

We are constantly researching and developing new technologies and methods to improve our equipment and processes, positioning us at the forefront of the industry. Our aim is to offer our customers access to the latest innovations in beverage manufacturing.

In a nutshell, our company stands out for...

The technical quality of our equipment.

expert support from our dedicated team

our ongoing commitment to innovation in the brewing and wine-making industries

We are committed to being your trusted partner, providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your high-quality beverage production goals.