Closed cylindrical tank with conical bottom from 50 L to 30,000 L

Closed cylindrical tank with conical/bent bottom
Features :

-Available from 50 L to 30,000 L
-Optional temperature control (honeycomb jacket) and/or thermal insulation
-Closed cylindrical tank with conical/bent bottom
-Manufactured in AISI 304 or 316 OUTOKUMPU (FINLAND) stainless steel
-7% conical bottom
-Total drain with DN40 MACON** butterfly valve
-Clear draft with MACON DN40 butterfly valve
-Analog thermometer -20/+40
-Sensor pocket*** for probe
-Stainless steel level gauge with drain
-1 tasting valve DN15
-3 adjustable feet
-Oval front door, inside opening
-Top hatch 300mm*
Exterior finish natural stainless steel 2B / polished Ra <0.8μm;
Inside finish – Ra <0.5 μm;
-2R bright annealed finish available on request
Capacity refers to the usable volume of wort.
Actual volume is approx. 15-20% higher (e.g.: 500L = + / – 600L).
*dimensions vary according to volume
**other threads on request
*** for models with cooling jacket
All features are variable on request, depending on your specific process.
Other accessories available on request

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